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Modal analysis of heat transfer across crystalline Si and amorphous SiO2 interface

Kiarash Gordiz, Murali Gopal Muraleedharan, Asegun Henry

Thermal interface conductance between aluminum and aluminum oxide: A rigorous test of atomistic level theories

Gopal Muraleedharan, Murali ; Gordiz, Kiarash ; Ju, Shenghong ; Shiomi, Junichiro ; Yang, Vigor ; Henry, Asegun

Graphite-high density polyethylene laminated composites with high thermal conductivity made by filament winding

W Lv, S Sultana, A Rohskopf, K Kalaitzidou, A Henry

Molecular dynamics simulation of oxygen transport characteristics in the electrolyte membrane of PEMFC

Mahiro Kato, Asegun Henry, Samuel Graham, Duc Hong Doan, Kazuyoshi Fushinobu International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid

Containment materials for liquid tin at 1350 °C as a heat transfer fluid for high temperature concentrated solar power

Y. Zhang, Y. Cai, S. H. Hwang, G. Wilk, A. DeAngelis, A. Henry, K. H. Sandhage (2018)

Design of a High Temperature (1,350°C) Solar Receiver Based on a Liquid Metal Heat Transfer Fluid: Sensitivity Analysis

A. DeAngelis, H. R. Seyf, R. Berman, G. Schmidt, D. Moore, A. Henry (2018)

Estimating the cost of high temperature liquid metal based concentrated solar power

G. Wilk, A. DeAngelis, A. Henry (2018)

The Importance of Phonons with Negative Phase Quotient in Disordered Solids

H. R. Seyf, W. Lv, A. Rohskopf and A. Henry (2017)

Phonon optimized interatomic potential for aluminum

M. G. Muraleedharan, A. Rohskopf, V. Yang and A. Henry (2017)

Rethinking Phonons: The Issue of Disorder

H. R. Seyf, L. Yates, T. L. Bougher, S. Graham, B. A. Cola, T. Detchprohm, M-H. Ji, J. Kim, R. Dupuis, W. Lv, A. Henry (2017)