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Containment materials for liquid tin at 1350 °C as a heat transfer fluid for high temperature concentrated solar power

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Design of a High Temperature (1,350°C) Solar Receiver Based on a Liquid Metal Heat Transfer Fluid: Sensitivity Analysis

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Estimating the cost of high temperature liquid metal based concentrated solar power

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The Importance of Phonons with Negative Phase Quotient in Disordered Solids

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Phonon optimized interatomic potential for aluminum

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Rethinking Phonons: The Issue of Disorder

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Pumping liquid metal at high temperatures up to 1,673 kelvin

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Empirical Interatomic Potentials Optimized for Phonon Properties

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Understanding Divergent Thermal Conductivity in Single Polythiophene Chains Using Green–Kubo Modal Analysis and Sonification

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Thermal conductivity calculation of nano-suspensions using Green–Kubo relations with reduced artificial correlations.

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