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Our fundamental science work is centered on the the study of heat transfer at the atomic level. More than 90% of our energy usage today either starts or ends as heat, and thus heat transfer and thermal sciences are undeniably important subjects. By studying how energy moves through groups of atoms, via their collective vibrations, which we term normal modes or phonons we are sometimes able to identify new opportunities to push the limits of what has previously been deemed possible. It is from this perspective that our group studies the fundamental physics of phonon/normal mode transport as we seek to understand and explain anomalous behaviors that have been observed experimentally. We also seek to predict (i.e., from first principles) new phenomena or behaviors that are counter to our intuition or predict the existence of material properties that are substantial deviations from what is common. In this way, our group seeks to both deepen and broaden our understanding of phonons and identify new opportunities for advancement in practical applications.