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Outreach Activities

Our research group is committed to broadening participation in science and engineering to include underrepresented minorities. We encourage underrepresented minorities to pursue careers in science and engineering by participating in two programs, the MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP) and the Broadening Engagement Through Engineering At MIT (BEEAM) Program. Through the MSRP, the ASE group hosts undergraduate students who perform research for the summer. These experiences help the students develop mentoring relationships with the group members and Professor Henry that last beyond the summer experience. These relationships enable continued interaction and guidance, as the students are encouraged to pursue graduate school in science or engineering. Through the BEEAM program, our group hosts Boston area high school students, who come and do research in the lab. In this way they get experience working at a top tier research institution and can build lasting connections that will facilitate their success in pursuing a science or engineering career.

SOUNDS of the Periodic Table

In addition to our efforts to broaden participation, our group is also committed to increasing scientific literacy in the general public. One aspect of our research involves simulating the motions/vibrations of atoms. Originating from Professor Henry’s love and interest in music as a drummer, our group has begun converting atom vibrations into audible sound and we are developing a mobile app called SOUNDS of the Periodic Table, where users can hear the vibrations/motions of each element on the periodic table – and it can be used as a teaching tool for chemistry.

The Sound of Crystalline Silicon Play Video Crystalline Silicon